A Kid Named Stilo

This blog follows my pursuit to get back into top physical shape. From exercises, meal plans, workout routines...it's pretty much any and all things related to getting healthier. I would love to hear from you all on your fitness progress, tips, advice, encouragement or whatever! - Cam

Seeking a workout partner

I have access to a decent size gym. Nothing fancy but enough to get in shape by spring! Just ask that you’re normal, want to lose weight or tone up and are committed. 

I am just now getting back to working out, have been sidetracked by work, personal drama and two knee surgeries. Btw, I am a 23 year old male but am willing to workout with whoever. Gym is in Round Rock! 

Quick GYM Rant

I absolutely hate my two local recreation centers for one major reason; basketball court rentals. 

They constantly rents out both basketball courts for various sports (basketball camps, volleyball & badminton). They do not seem to care about alienating their normal members. I understand they need extra revenue but still…it’s irrating when I make my way out in the rain, circle the parking lot for 5min just to get a spot wayyy in the back and then get told courts rented the entire day. 

Worse than the renting is the staff, they seem indifferent. The woman at the desk went and got the athletic supervisor to explain it to me. I fucking know whats going on, no apology is needed just pass on my frustration to the parks and rec department. 

So I had to drive cross town to the other rec. Get there and one court is running a full court game with like 20 people waiting to get in. The other court has a dad working with his two daughters at the main goal on one end, and a private coach working with a few kids on the other end. I spent my time shooting around on the side goals, and trying not to get in the way of the kids and their coaches.

I was still able to work on some things, but feel cheated somehow….

Do I have a valid point or am I just bitching?

Back from basketball!

Yeah!!! Just wrapped up 4 games of 4 on 4. We played each game to 30. A decent workout, got winded in the second game but pushed through and held it down on defense. My shot was off. Hit a few open jumpers but mehhhh. Bed time, up @ 5am for a shooting session with my boy =)

peace, and stay blessed.

Rec League Basketball is now over…last game was a major let down.

We played on Wednesday.

I came out on fire. Knocked down the first basket for my team which was a three. On offense the game was slower than we would have liked. Although I am the slowest on the team I wanted to push the tempo. I missed “3” layups. Each one I missed came from attacking the lane. Need to work on finishing. 

We lost the game by 13. Sad……I held down the defense but we gave up height and length. Back on the court tomorrow…need to work on a great many things.